Mercury NEMA 2000 Gateway


Furuno Fan
I put one of these on my 2019 290B Seavee and it worked great for 15 months and then failed. Bit the bullet and replaced it and this one lasted 12 months. Anybody had problems with this?
I haven't heard of any problems specific to their gateways. Maybe there is a grounding loop or something going on between the Mercury network and the 2000 network? Hopefully they have more than a 12 month warranty. If you run into a third, I would get an electrician out to look at the boats grounding.
I bought a new one. The dealer couldn't use engine 1 and 2. They weren't reading with the new gateway. Everything works fine set to engines 3 and 4. Any thoughts on this?
That is on the Mercury bus and their product. You might want to seek a Mercury forum and see what you can find. That is not normal.