Inland US Lake Charts For Navnet 3D



Are there any plans to make charts available for inland US lakes (or at least inland regions) for the Navnet 3D? Safeboat USA is shipping their boats with Navnet 3D systems all over the country. Unfortunately, there are no charts available for inland areas, since the 3D won't take Navionics cards. I had to install a separate Lowrance HDS chartplotter just to have a chart of my area (south TX). It would be nice if there was a way to get charts for areas other than the great lakes, ocean, and MS River for the 3D!
Yes, there are plans. In fact some effort has already be put forward for US inland lakes (C-Map MaxLakes in MM3 format) but the results haven't been as good as we would like. With the NN3D, MaxSea TZ software, and the TZtouch all using MM3 charts; we are still making efforts in this area. Most customers of these systems (even those government organizations who buy SAFE boats) are not normally boating on small inland lakes. We feel the pain for the few who are, and will continue pressing the issue. Thanks for the input.
Thanks for the reply. I will be thrilled when we can finally use the NN3D to its full potential in our area. Thankfully, SAFEboat already had a Lowrance network installed for the Evinrude gauges, so I was able to throw in a cheap HDS-5 as a temporary fix.