HDG data output?



If I have an autopilot connected to the input port 3 of a VX2, will/can the HDG data be output with the GLL sentences on port 2?
I'm not sure if I'm reading your question correctly, but if you're asking if GLL can be output on port 2 to provide heading...then no; GLL is position data only. If you're asking if HDG and GLL can be output on data 2, then...yes it can, but if HDG is being output to something other than a NMEA display (i.e. RD30 or RD33), then it's highly recommended that heading data come directly from the heading source. To bring it in to a NN2 and re-output it to a device for use with ARPA or AIS would not work because the heading data will not output fast enough from the NN2.
I will have the heading data from the autopilot directly connected to the VX2 input on port 3 to provide radar and chart overlay.

The port2 output is going to a MUX and I want the heading data to the MUX so I can receive it on iPad and PC charting apps. I don't think it needs to be high speed like it does for overlay in the VX2.
Since you are using heading on a charting app, it would be better to come directly from the heading source. NMEA0183 can be output directly from the autopilot fluxgate compass to your MUX. If you wish, you can try output from data 2, but if it doesn't work or is having problems, I'd connect direct from the source because you'll have better results/better reliability.