GP33 Waypoint transfer (From Garmin)



This is my first post because I have decided that I must have a GP33 to navigate to my fishing spots. I love the simplicity, large waypoint storage, Loran TD conversion accuracy, etc. I currently have a Garmin chartplotter on a NMEA 2000 network that I need to move about 3000 waypoints from (to the GP33). This brings me to my question(s): How?

Can I hook up the GP33 to the NMEA 2000 network and transfer over the network, before I disconnect the Garmin?

Can I save the old waypoints to the SD card on the Garmin and somehow convert them on the PC to Furuno's format? Then connect the GP33 to the PC and upload?

How does the GP33 interface with a PC? What cable is required?

I searched for the answers on this forum and didn't really find anything pertinent. I am new to Furuno, so excuse my ignorance. Thanks
You can NOT move points via NMEA 2000.
You would need convert the points and transfer them into the GP33 via NMEA 0183 using a PC connection as shown in the operator's manual. You would need to wire up a serial NMEA 0183 connection and transfer the points over in a NMEA data dump. Most dealers convert points using a program called GPS Utilities (www.GPSU.CO.UK). This program works well for doing the NMEA data dump. Many times rather than buying all the cables and adaptors to make this happen; it works better to pay your local dealer to convert the points and move them for you.
Thanks for the reply. That is surprising about the inability to transfer via NMEA 2000. My Garmin has a feature right in the menu that says "transfer waypoint data via NMEA".

Regarding the PC transfer, I don't give ANYONE access to my waypoint data, so how do I "wire up serial NMEA 0183 connection"? Is there not a PC cable available for the GP33? How would I power the unit when connected to a PC if not? Does the cable that I am assuming I have to make also power the unit? Sorry for the ignorance, this is my first time with any Furuno electronics.
The wiring diagram to a 9 pin serial PC connection is built into the unit. You would use the optional NMEA 0183 cable (PN 001-112-970) and a PC DB9 serial connector (from Radio Shack typically).
(see menu on page 7-10 of the operator's manual)PCwiring.jpg
If your PC doesn't have a 9 pin serial port, then you will need to purchase an off the shelf serial to USB adaptor. The procedure to transfer the points is covered on page 7-13.
Thanks for all the help but I am still confused. I read the manual and looked at the "diagram" for PC connections in the back of the manual. It was very technical and did not help me much. I am guessing that I have to connect some wires from the power/0183 cable to some wires from the "radio shack" cable.

Which wires connect where?

How is the unit powered during this when it is in my house?

Can I just use the 10 pin to usb cable (USB-10P-CBL)?
Yes, the USB-10P-CBL makes a good one step solution for wiring directly to a USB port. This is a new cable and I wasn't aware that it had become available.

The unit power NEVER comes in via the 10 pin connection on the GP33. You MUST power the unit via the NMEA 2000 port connection. If you don't have a NMEA 2000 network, you can cut the connector off and properly wire the Red and Black to suitable power (12 or 24 Vdc). To power the unit up at home you would need a NMEA 2000 cable cut off and wired to a suitable power source. This might be a 12 volt battery or a 12 or 24 volt power supply.
Thanks a lot Johnny,

The USB cable (although expensive) is right up my alley. Seems easier than building a cable. I appreciate the help and will post how it works for me when I transfer the waypoints. I would not have gotten the furuno without your help as I am used to more recreational(simple) based products. Furuno seems more commercial(technical) based, but worth the hassle from what I have seen.

Thanks for these informations.
Do you know how I can order this cable in France (or at least in Europe)? Or maybe it is possible to order it in USA web site?
I will go to Svalbard next summer and would love to be able to upload my waypoints from the PC as I actually upload them manually (hard job!).

As this is a Furuno part it should be no problem to arrange a purchase in France through Furuno France or one of their dealers. You may contact them at:
Espace Phare 12, rue Laplace 33700 Merignac
Phone: +33 5 56 13 48 00