furuno mod # 1800 radar



Hello All,
I am looking for an operators manual for this unit, Does anyone have it in PDF form that you cam email it to me? Thanks for reading this post, hope to hear from someone.
Hello Melville,
I did not see the model 1800 listed, The type number on the unit is = RDP023. Do I need the FCC ID# ??
that number is ADB9ZW1800. Thanks for responding to me, Hope to hear from you soon.
I'm not sure we can track this down by FCC number, especially with a discontinued model.
Ordinarily our radar displays were common numbers differentiated by gearbox and array.
Could you possibly post a picture of the display you have?
This model is from around 1988 and information is hard to find on it. I did some digging in the archives and came up with a manual for you. Please find the attached model 1800 radar Operator's Manual.


  • 1800 Ops Manual.pdf
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Thank you Melville, I will keep you posted as to the unit's function, or serviceability, Thanks again.
I also have a question about the cable that connects the monitor to the radome. Can anyone tell me if the multi wire cable is still available in any length? and how long of a run to the console can I use before signal degradation takes place? If anyone can answer this question, it would really help.Hope to heard from someone about this. Thank you.

PS. You can contact me off list at kc8pcl@yahoo.com.
As a 25-29 year old radar; no pre-built scanner cables are available BUT we do offer parts to your dealer who can build you one to length. It MUST be at least 5 meters long and no longer than 30 meters.