Furuno Autopilot 500 causing radio clicking



When i run my Furuno autopilot 500 and Icom radio, I get some sort of clicking sound. I have 2 radios and I get the clicking on both. When I click standby, no clicking. The auto-pilot also causes issues with my sounder (VX2 units). Any ideas on problem and suggestions for fixing this?
It sounds like it is related to when the pump is being used (auto/Nav) and not standby. I would suggest looking at how the power wires of the pilot and pump is wired to ensure it isn't ran near or alongside your radio power or antenna wires. If all else fails you might need to put a power choke filter on the power wires to the radio to filter out any noise on the power system. You might also look at the grounding system in case it is what couples the noise into the radio.
Thanks. I will investigate this weekend and get back to you.