Furuno 585/Garmin 4208



All communications between Garmin 4208 and Furuno 585 function EXCEPT the mark waypoint function from Furuno. When I press this button on the Furuno, a Waypoint is created with the correct position data on the Furuno, but no such waypoint is created on the Garmin.

Garmin and Furuno wired as follows:

Furuno - - - - - - Garmin
TD-A White - - - RX-A White
TD-B Blue - - - - RX-B Orange/White
RD-A Yellow - - - TX-A Gray
RD-B Green - - - TX-B Pink

Any Ideas..Thanks :think
I do not believe that Garmin accepts the TLL message format that is output from the FCV585.
I am curious also. My 585 is linked to a Garmin 541 and I have the same issue.
Garmin doesn't support the NMEA 0183 TLL sentence.
Sorry that feature will not work when connected to a Garmin.