fcv 295 temperature cable to conect airmar R 309 transducer


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Please, whats the reference number of the 6 pin cable that conect fcv 295 to a airmar R309 transducer to read temperature. Airmar usess 2 cables and a ground, how can I conect it to a 6 pin cable? and where can I bought it in usa and brazil?
The original speed and temp cables are no longer available but if only connecting temp, a 6 pin NMEA cable (000-154-054) can be used.
Thanks a lot for your help . I will by the nmea cable and use it.
I connected an airmar R309 to my furuno fcv 295. The wago connector doesnt offer space to utilize Transducer XID.... In the initial settings appears the LF and HF connections as " connected ". I dont know how furuno identifies airmar R309 in the fcv 295 list of transducers in the initial settings ( R309 TIDN does not appear ). what frequency I have to put in the initial settings ? 28-38 or 45 khz in LF frequency and in HF ( 130-210 khz ).
how can I enter transducer data by transducer specification ( manual setting ) ? do I have to use Manual on the xdcr settings for the airmar r309?
in the manual settings in item five of the fcv 295 install manual I have to choose the frequency , that goes from 25KHz to 220KHz, do I have to choose 28Khz for LF and 200 for HF?
how can I set up the band width for the airmar r309?
This sounder manual has to explain better, must be reviewd, here in Brazil, we dont have eletricitians with expert in sounders like this, we have to research an do it yourself...
I will apreciate your help!
Thanks a lot!
The FCV295 only knows the Furuno transducers. For all transducers including the Furuno units, you must set the proper TAP settings at the back of the sounder. There is a tap setting matrix under the product page if you haven't seen it. Ensure you know the correct TAP settings. Sometimes Airmar will put the TAPs on the cable label. I normally refer to the matrix document. This is the most important part as this is what really sets your power and impedance matching. Set it wrong; it can damage your transducer or get poor results. Power and matching are not done in the software regardless of what you see there. Seeing a recommended TAP setting in the software for a Furuno transducer doesn't set it. You must do that at the back of the machine. Once TAP settings are correct for both LOW and HIGH, then you can HOLD any button upon power up until you get to the setup screen. There you will pick your transducer frequency. For your R309 you will select MANUAL instead of model as I said only the Furuno models are listed in the machine. Under manual you will dial in the correct center freq for both HF and LF. And say CONNECTED for each. If only connecting a single freq; then put NOT CONNECTED on the channel not used. For your R309 both will be set to connected. After you have the freqs dialed into the settings; turn the machine OFF and back on normally. You are ready to take it out and fish. If you have a CHIRP or broadband transducer you can change the bandwidth (BW) below the freq setting in the setup. This is the entire BW so if you enter say 40khz that means 20Khz lower and 20Khz higher than whatever you setup as the center freq. Ensure the freq set and the BW are within the rated abilities of the transducer.