FA50 Transmit Problem



I got a FA50 that is only transmitting MMSI# and no other data. I have all the information programmed into the FA50 through a NN3D. I'm receiving targets and everything else is working fine. Anyone know if there is a setting for this or encountered this problem before??
I have heard of this before. If you have your boat name entered into the FA50, then the problem is not with your boat/FA50 but the guy who is receiving you. There are many AIS units out there that were made prior to 2009 (when the FCC approved Class B AIS units). The FA50 (class B unit) transmits the boat name under the required class B message. The receiving AIS and its plotter need to have software that fully supports class B messages or they will normally only see your MMSI (class A msg) and not your boat name. The problem is theirs not yours. Even with older Furuno AIS units and plotters, they require a software update to fully support receiving and processing class B messages. There are also some PC based navigation packages out there that haven't written their software to support class B. Since the boat name (Static) is not sent as often as the other information (like MMSI and COG) sometimes is takes a few mins more to show up, even with units that do fully support class B AIS. Ensure you boat name is entered into your FA50 setup, and rest assured it is being transmitted with the other info, but the “other guy” should take a look at his system.