Export Marks/Routes from MaxSea Time Zero to VX2

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Running planning at home on MaxSea TZ Navigator 1.9.8 and Navnet VX2 on board.
Goal is to make routes/marks at home and XFER to the boat via SD card. Do not use laptop on board. Question: How do I export from MaxSea TZ to the SD Card. When I click export, it asks me for a format. When I click CSV, it asks me which files from a blank list. Stuck at this point. Guess is that VX2 and MaxSea TZ are not compatible. Help much appreciated.
The Vx2 file format was/is supported under the MaxSea Classic software.

The newer MaxSea TZ software is designed for the support of the NavNet 3D and TZtouch systems. It exports in these newer formats.

You can't take an SD card from MaxSea TZ to the Vx2 and move data. It won’t work. The Vx2 is much more restrictive on waypoint naming than the newer systems. If you don't need to move the data too often; you can save the data in GPX (GPS Exchange) format from your MaxSea TZ software and then attach the files to a support case (SUPPORT - ASK FURUNO A QUESTION). We can help you convert them to Vx2 format. Because the naming structure is so different; you will normally get the points and routes but not the names.
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