Export Marks/Routes to another PC w/MSTZ

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I guess my brain isn't working great this weekend. I bought a new computer on which I plan to install MSTZ. I want to take the marks and routes off my existing PC with MSTZ but damned if I can figure out how.

When I go to export I cannot find a folder with marks/routes to export. I would like to export to a thumb drive or SD card and then import to my new computer.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
When doing the export, it will ask you to "select the export file".
The wording is poor and a bit misleading. It really should say, "Name your export file" and then you can pick the location where to save the export file. It is not asking you to find the export folder on your PC. MaxSea knows where the data is, that you are using. You just need to name the file, and save.
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