Synchronizing Routes & Marks: MaxSea to NN3D

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After a busy week planning routes on MaxSea Explorer at home, I have arrived at the boat and am attempting to use the 'Sychronize with NN3D' function in MaxSea. I am getting an error msg saying the routes & marks file in MaxSea is too big to synchronize and to delete some ! How do I find out what size my MaxSea routes & marks file is...AND what is the capacity on my NN3D MFD12 for this data?

thanks in advance !
I've noticed with Maxsea 1.9.8 when you export routes via an SD card to a Navnet3D that the file gets truncated at 200 routes. The Maxsea display will indicate more than 200 routes transferred but the file will be truncated.
Johhny: I am running Explorer v1.9.8. NN3D is up-to-date with v2.07.

svjeorgia: I didn't try exporting routes via an SD card: I was connected via a router direct to the MFD12. I didn't get any msg about route numbers...just a msg saying 'too much' !
svjeorgia is correct that the NN3D has limits.

The MaxSea PC software can support more data than the NN3D does.
The NN3D has the following limits:
10,000 track points, 2,000 way points, and 200 routes. A route can contain up to a maximum of 100 points.

If you are transferring data that falls within these limits, then the data might have some sort of corruption. If you are a Furuno USA customer, please open a normal support case and attach a copy of your TZD file so we can check into it. If you reside outside the US; please open a support case directly with MaxSea.
The limits on the number of routes is not that obvious. If you import route and waypoint data from an MFD to Maxsea multiple times, it seems to keep all tbe routes each time, ending up with the older routes duplicated many times. These all seem to count toward the max total, even though they are the same route.

Thanks svjeorgia...that is a very likely explanation. I suppose I could copy routes and marks from the MFD onto an SD card as backup and then delete all off the MFD...THEN try synch'ing with MaxSea: does that make sense?

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