MaxSea - MFD12 Sync

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What are the system limits for syncing MaxSea V2.0.2 and Furuno MFD12 V2.11?

Whenever I try to sync from my laptop MaxSea to the MFD12 I get error message that my MaxSea database is too large. However, I only have a few routes, marks, and waypoints. None of the routes had more than 100 waypoints.

It would seem that since I do all of my route planning on my laptop I should be able to sync from the laptop and overwrite what is on the MFD12.

Johnny Electron

Staff member
You will get an error if you try to send more waypoints or routes than the NN3D will hold. You have to be very careful when you bring points back and forth. NN3D will delete everything before bringing in the new points/routes. The MaxSea TZ software will MERGE the data when you send the data the other direction. This can result in having many copies of the same point/location (duplicates) in the PC. A few points copied over and over might result in you having a lot more point than you think. It might also be possible that your NN3D and MaxSea TZ are not fully communicating. Firewalls/Anti-virus software or not running a Fixed IP address on the PC can all lead to restricted communication issues.
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