DRS2D and NN3D MFD8 power consumption



We have a DRS2D connected directly to a NN3D MFD8, the radar works fine but keeping it in permanent standby drains the batteries on a sailboat.

I measured more than 1.5 A increase in power consumption with the DRS2D power cable plugged in.

Q1) Can I turn off power to the DRS2D from the MFD8?

Q2) If no to Q1, can I put a switch on the power cable to the DRS2D?

Q3) If yes to Q2, what would be the consequences in operating the MFD and radar.
(Warm up time for the radar)
A1. No
A2. I am sure it is possible
A3. You might have issues with the radar being recognized by the NN3D if it is powered on well after the NN3D is. (or turned off and on) If you have the newest software in both the radar and the display, it might work out okay. I haven't seen anyone try it with a switch. It wouldn't hurt anything. Worst case you would need to run the install wizard for the unit to pick up the radar, but your idea seems feasible. If you try it; let us know how it works out.
I had a switch installed, for this purpose.
Unfortunately, with 2.07 and the Radar software update, the MFD8 is unhappy losing the connection and then needs a reboot to get the radar running again.
Is a switch any different to unplugging the power lead on the MFD?
I would be interested to know if 2.11 improves things.
I would run 2.07 incremental software update to make sure your radar scanner software is at v1.16. Then backup your settings and points and update the display to 2.11; then restore your settings/points. You will have to let us know if it helps. v1.16 lets the radar self assign an IP address and it should work better for what you are attempting.
That will be a job for a rainy day, then.
Will unplugging have the same effect as a switch?
If so, someone with an up-to-date installation could try it.