Newbie here....not just to forum but to Furuno electronics as well.

I just purchased a boat with a 1724c installed. It has a RSB-110 Radome, a RDP-148 display unit and a thru hull transducer.

My question is, can I upgrade to a larger more recent display unit without replacing anything else? If so, what are my options? Thanks in advance.
You won't be able to replace the display with another larger one, but you can add a 10.4" RDP-149/NT or GD1920C/NT via NAVnet network connection. If you do that, then the radar can be controlled by either screen, however, the 7" will need to be on for the 10.4" to have access to the radar.
I was afraid of that. I was hoping to sell the RDP-148 to offset the cost of the newer display. Probably just sell the whole system and start over. Thanks for the reply.
You're welcome. Welcome to the FurunoUSA Forum and to Furuno electronics. I hope you keep us in mind when choosing your new system.