DFF3 with TM265LH and FCV585 with ss264W 200kHz at the same



I am looking for some guidance on how to set up a DFF3 with a TM265LH to be able to run simultaneously with a FCV585 with a ss264W 200kHz.

The DFF3 will be controlled from the MFD.

Since the TM265LH has broadband frequency of low (42-65 kHz) and high (130-210kHz) and the DFF3 is fixed tone burst at a specified frequency for High and Low, what would be the optimal settings on the DFF3 dim switches and manual transducer settings on the MFD? I want to be able to run all both transducers at the same time but don't want the 200 Khz SS264 interfering with the TM265 high frequency.

Thanks in advanced
I have never tried that combination before. From testing we have found that the LF side on the 265 works better on our sounders around 42Khz. The HF side maybe around 130-160. Knowing that I would set up the DFF3 manually, 50Khz for the LF with a bandwidth of 25Khz and the HF at 180Khz with a bandwidth of 90Khz. The band width is actually the slewing range you will able to change the frequencies via the menu. So with the center frequency set to 50Khz you will be able to change the LF frequency down to 37.5Khz up to 62.5Khz. The HF side from 135 to 220Khz. You will just have to play with the frequencies to find the ones that give the least interference.