Depth/Temp Transducers


Furuno Super Fan
My boat is launching in a couple of weeks and I was thinking of installing a transducer now so I don't have to pull the boat. Will any of the Airmar NMEA2000 smart transducers work with the TZ? I was thinking of going with the DT800 as I really don't need a speed sensor and the maintenance associated with the wheel. Also, I won't be installing a fishfinder so all I need is depth and temp. Thanks for all of the great information on this new product.
Yes, the DT800 would work well with the NavNet TZtouch. Of course you need an established NMEA 2000 network backbone for the two NMEA 2000 items (TZtouch and DT800) to talk. If you are not planning a large network of NMEA 2000 items, you might consider the Furuno FI5002 junction box. It is a Furuno CANbus item that provide proper power and termination to allow these to items to talk while allowing for some expandability.
Thanks Johnny,

I'll most likely be installing a larger NMEA2000 network to handle the autopilot, transducer and future engine and tank monitoring senders although I do have an electronics closet just aft of the engine room which may work for the juction box to start with and look at doing the expansion later. It is a central location which will probably work for cable lengths.

Thanks again...