connecting bbds to old m260 trancducer


finely i buy the mfd12 special for nav and fishing
i have some problem with the connection and i need some help plc
first i have for fishing the bbds1 and i buy alsso the matching box like it was writen for 1 kw transducer
i have transducer from my old raymarine its the airmar m260 inhull with diplexer
here the problem
1.did i need the matching box
2.did the mfd12/bbds1 know to workn with the m260 inhull
3.more if i dont need the matching box i will have to connect direct to the mfd12 with 10 pin conector that i have alsso the m260 i have this wire blue+black+inbare (orange/green/red/brown/and white) here is the like ... 91_782.pdf

this connector was cuting and to connect to the 10 pin furuno
here the link of the 10 pin conector for dff1/bbds with diplexer ... 91_729.pdf
or anther one link ... 91_793.pdf

i dont know how connect them togther if i connect the blue and the black i feeling the pulse of the trancducer in my finger

some one can help my plc to connect the and go fishing or i will have to buy the ca50/200 12m like it was writen in the bbds1 it the only trancducer thay want to use
big thank
Furuno USA does not offer the BBDS1 in this country at the present.
It is probably best for you to contact your local Furuno agent for help at this time.