Chart Update So. Calif.



Can anyone tell me if recent chart updates contain the MLPA closure areas?
I bought the "updated" chart from Furuno last May after checking with Navionics about the MLPA areas. Navionics had them marked very well. When I put in the Furuno chart the MLPA's were extremely difficult to see and use. I complained about it to Furuno and they were supposed to have a fix for it by last June. I have called several times since and never had a return call. Maybe now is the time to call again.

To see marked areas reflected on the free NN3D MM3 NOAA raster and Vector charts for the NavNet 3D; they first must be reflected on the official NOAA charts.

I used the following web site to see what restricted areas you were asking about

One such protected area is the Kashtayit State marine conservation area. (#2 corner located at 34.27.30N 120.14.46W)

If you look up that area with NOAA (chart 18721); you will find that area is not marked off. Being that the free NOAA MM3 charts are based on the official chart; the change must first take place on the official chart. ... iewer.html

Checking the current C-map/Jeppesen (paid) chart for that area; the area is marked. (I didn't check Navionics)