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Can anyone tell me if recent chart updates contain the MLPA closure areas?


I bought the "updated" chart from Furuno last May after checking with Navionics about the MLPA areas. Navionics had them marked very well. When I put in the Furuno chart the MLPA's were extremely difficult to see and use. I complained about it to Furuno and they were supposed to have a fix for it by last June. I have called several times since and never had a return call. Maybe now is the time to call again.


Johnny Electron

Staff member
To see marked areas reflected on the free NN3D MM3 NOAA raster and Vector charts for the NavNet 3D; they first must be reflected on the official NOAA charts.

I used the following web site to see what restricted areas you were asking about

One such protected area is the Kashtayit State marine conservation area. (#2 corner located at 34.27.30N 120.14.46W)

If you look up that area with NOAA (chart 18721); you will find that area is not marked off. Being that the free NOAA MM3 charts are based on the official chart; the change must first take place on the official chart. ... iewer.html

Checking the current C-map/Jeppesen (paid) chart for that area; the area is marked. (I didn't check Navionics)