can mfd8 power dff1



Hello all,can a dff1 or hub101 get its power from one of the Ports on the mfd8.Im not refering to the ethernet cable.If the answer is yes what cable would be used?Thanks
OK thanks,this whole sincrinization thing is a little confusing.Just say the power cable from the DFF1 and the HUB101 went streight to the battery,would the DFF1 and the HUB101 always be turned on or would they only be turned on when the MFD8 turns them on through sincrinization through the ethernet cable? or Should the DFF1 and the HUB101 be hooked up so that they only recieve power when the ignishon switch is on?I don't want the DFF1 and the HUB101 to drain batteries when not in use. THANKS in advance for any responce.
Even the hub could be syncronized there will allways be standby current on all type of equipment. I prefer having a main switch for all my navigation equipment, I place one main navigation switch seperating all navigation gear from the rest. This way I know for sure no equipment intended for use only when sailing is stealing power when not sailing.
It doesn't answer your question but it will extend your battery life when anchored up...
I would suggest wiring your DFF1 and HUB101 to a breaker, not directly to the battery.
The same with all your electronics.
Yes I always go through a breaker/fuse panel.I am just triing to grasp the concept of how the dff1 and hub101 are turnd on and off.Thaks
Using a HUB101 or BBWX2 with the proper "Power Sync" settings, a power up signal is passed to the devices (like DFF1) over the Ethernet using wires 4 and 5, from the MFDs. (normal Ethernet communications use wires 1,2,3,6). Each unit still needs it own power cable. The power sync is only the "Switch" to turn the unit on. the DFF1 is not "POWERED" from the hub. It should have its own power cable/connection. It is only switched "On" by the hub from the MFD. The Hub needs it's own power cable and it is NOT turned/on and off by power sync. Currently only the following items use power sync.

Pass but don't use Power Sync....

Again each unit still needs a power cord connection. Nothing gets it's main power from anything else.