AIS Viewer

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I have a FA50, MFD8 and MSTZ.
Can I install the AIS viewer software supplied with the FA50?
Or will it clash with MSTZ?
I was wondering if I would be able to see the AIS targets from the PC without the MFD8 running.
You can have AIS viewer and MaxSea TZ loaded on the same PC, BUT you cannot run them both at the same time. Your PC needs to meet system requirements for both software packages and you need to have the PC connected to the internet when you first setup/install the AIS viewer. I don't know why you would want both packages installed since the MaxSea TZ software works better and also shows AIS targets. (Independently from the MFD8) The AIS viewer software is based on the older MaxSea "Classic" software and it will not want to run on most new hardware that you would typically run MaxSea TZ with.
Thanks Johnny. I'll give it a go.
I have never been able to see AIS on TZ without the MFD running. And it doesn't get the GPS from the FA50 either.
The MFD, in the cockpit, is not always connected up.
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