Ais not transmitting




Two days ago, while sailing in the Med, we just lost lost AIS signal. It is a FA-50.

Everything else seems to work fine. But on the radar screan there is no Heading on the upper right corner.

Any thoughts?

I will cross the Gibraltar Strait in a few days and it would be nice (and safer) to have the AIS working.

Thank you

Furuno Navnet 3D
Multi Function Display MFDBB
MCU-001 Control Unit
DCU12 Display Control
01 Display VDS 200MDS
Heading sensor PG-500 integrated; C-500 Fluxgate
GPS GP-150
GPS receiver GP-320B
Sounder DFF1
01 Display VDS 200MDS
Heading is a requirement for AIS to be displayed on a radar screen (and radar/plotter overlay).
The problem isn't with the AIS but the fact that your system has no heading.
I recommend checking the PG500 for a solid status light (good) and then ensuring the 18 pin (data2) cable where they wired the heading into the NN3D is properly connected. In the MFDBB (black box processor) you should run the "installation wizard" (do not hit SKIP when the system is entering the wizard). Check NMEA 0183 data 2 or data 3 to see if there is a check mark for HEADING on the input. Once you find the port heading that is wired and "check marked" for input; click on the PORT MONITOR for that port to ensure heading data is coming into the unit. If it is, then go to GLOBAL - DATA SOURCES and ensure that port is selected as your primary heading source, then save and exit the wizard.
Let us know how it goes.

(FYI the AIS will still be transmitting)
Thank you for your quick reply. Here is how it went:

1. I checked with other vassels and they could not receive our AIS signal;

2. Followed your instructions, and after that, heading data was coming into the unit. But still no AIS info.

3. Then I turned off the equipment and disconected the batteries, cutting all source of power, for a minute or so.

4. Re-conected the batteries, turned the equipment on and it was OK!. The AIS info now shows on the chart.

Once again, thank you.