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I recently took an AIS FA30 off my old boat where it was networked into a Navnet VX2 system. I am now trying to install it on my new boat via a direct connection into another Navnet VX2. I do not have the RJ-45 to 6 pin cable (as per the installation manual for the FA30) so I am trying to do it with the COM lines. We modified a spare six pin plug as per the Inteconnection diagram in the Operator's manual. Checked the continuity and pin order and it seems fine

The AIS powers up, the receiver light is flashing (showing it is receiving targets) but we get nothing on the NNVX2. I have tried using all of the data ports on the NNVX2 but still no signal. I have hooked up a PC and set up the FA30 COM port as per the Operator's manual but still no signal. I saw in an earlier query that Johnny Electron says to use a cross over cable. Not sure what this is.

Any suggestions? BTW my only spare Data Port on the NNVX2 is Data 3. According to the NNVX2 manuals this is not the on for an AIS. Do I need to network the AIS?
Thanks in advance
If your Vx2 is a 10.4" the serial AIS must go into data port 2 (data 3 is heading input only). When wiring serial AIS into a 7" Vx2 you must use data 1 (data 2 is heading input only). It is also important that you are running current software in the Vx2. When AIS is wired to the port; it becomes an AIS input port only. Anything that was previously on that port must be moved elsewhere. The best way to interface the FA30 or FA50 into the Vx2 is to use the network connection. If you can’t use the network; you can wire it serially but you must use the right port and configure the port for 38,400 baud operation under the port setup. You can tell when you have it setup correctly when the data is showing up clearly in the NMEA port monitor (under port setup). To see AIS on the plotter you must have GPS data. To see it on the radar, you must also have heading.
My VX2 is RPD149 (serial number 4323-4882) and I bought a used FA-30 from Ebay (serial number 3557-0126) that was make sure 100% working condition. I connect the FA-30 to port 2 with the cable that I cut from my PG-500 heading sensor cable directly. I saw a RX led turn the orrange some times but I can not see the target on the display though my AIS GPS is beside the display and I zoom the map range to minimum. This is my wiring diagram from port 2 to FA 30 power cable:
- White (pin 1) to white
- Black (pin 2) to blue
- Yellow (pin 3) to yellow
- Green (pin 4) to green
- Shield (pin 6) to shield.
Please help
Thank you


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This is my AIS setting page and the picture of FA-30 receiving signal


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Most people wouldn't waste the data 2 NMEA port of the Vx2 with AIS when the RD30 can go on the network and keep the data port free for something else. I can tell you that the wiring you have done with data 2 is wrong and it should be disconnected before it damages something. You have both transmit ports wired together.