Adding Weather to my Furuno VX2 unit



i would like to add weather to my 2006 Vx2. Is this a DIY project? I have duel large screen units (10.4 I think) one acts as a ghost unit to the main one. I already have sirius radio.

Here's what I think I need -

A BBWX1 unit. (any reason to get the BBWX2?)
A splitter for the attenna.
New C-Map card and upgrade the software (is this something I can do or something I should have a dealer or furuno take care of? I'm in Berlin Maryland and near to you DE location).

How difficult is the install process? Anything else I need to know?

Many thanks!
It is a very easy project. If you already have a good working network hub then I would suggest the BBWX1 (no longer sold / If you can find a used one) because the subscription would be lower. You could split your existing Sirius radio antenna for the BBWX1. Connect the BBWX1 to your network hub used by the Vx2. Then upgrade the software of the Vx2's to the most current version of C-map software (v4.03). You must be running C-map programmed units because the Navionics software does not support the weather feature. The software is very easy to update and available to everyone on our website under the product model number. You can always give a call into support if you need help working out the details. You can reach us via phone M-F from 8am to 5pm at the following numbers.
East Coast 410-479-4420
West Coast 360-834-9300
If you are located on the east coast you can reach someone from 8am to 8pm due to the time difference between the two offices.
Thank you Johnny. Do both units have to be C-Map or can I switch only the ghost unit and run the sirius weather only on that unit? Do you have any directions you can send me? (E-mail address REMOVED by Johnny E.). Thanks!
You can run C-map on one unit and Navionics on the other. The Sirius will work only on the C -map. Your charts will not share between the Navionics/C-map units. I can help you with what you need to convert one of your displays to C-map. I have edited your posting to remove your e-mail address so you don't get people sending SPAM. I will have one of our tech's send you an e-mail to that address.
Hi Johnny - Thanks again for responding. Thanks for removing the e-mail address. I haven't received a email yet from your Tech though. Let me know.

I also am not sure what sounder I have for that unit, but is there a newer one (maybe recent release) i could add that would improve the fish finder capabilities.

The tech said he e-mailed you. You might want to check your spam folder in your e-mail in case it was filtered. I will PM you what he e-mailed so you have it; in case you don't find the e-mail.
Johnny - I purchased a new C-MAP NA M022 chart and am in the process of getting the BBWX1 unit. The folks at Jeppesen said this chart was what I needed … although at the time I didn’t know what model Furuno VX2 I had. Where can I purchase the wire to tap into the Sirius antenna I already have mounted on the boat? Finally, again I’m not sure what model of the NAVNET VX2 units I have. All I have is the serial number of the MARINE RADAR on back (4323-0129). I did send the unit back to you last Summer for software upgrade and repair so perhaps you have it on file and can let me know. Thanks! Your Customer Support is the best out there!!!! David
Unless someone has reprogrammed your display for C-map; your serial number indicates the unit was originally programmed to support Navionics charts. You would need to have the unit converted to C-map, if you wish to run that C-Map card and run Sirius weather. Any upgrade, that would have been done by the repair center; would have been to the newest version of whatever you had; unless you asked for it to be changed. I show no record of a software conversion. The best way to tell is with the program number from the unit. Can you provide the program number? (Menu – system config – System setup – test & Clear – memory I/O test – Display unit test)
I wish I could. The boat is 3 hours away and the unit is with me. You did say I could swing by the Denton office and have it done there. Understand I need to make an appointment. Is there anyway I could contact you to discuss further?
Yes, the Denton office can do re-programming of most items; but they don't conduct repairs. I am sure they can fix you up. Call 410-479-4420 and ask for Tech support.
Other than the Forum, I don't get involved directly with support cases.
Thanks Johnny. You have been really helpful. I was at a boat show the other day and a electronics dealer suggested that I not splice into the current serous receiver already o. The boat. Says it can burn them out or something. Is it better to have the sirius radio on one antenna and the furuno BBWX1 on another. If so, which antenna do I need for the BBWX1. If it is OK to splice, where can I get the adapter?

Finally, I'm looking to upgrade the GPS antenna to a newer one because it was suggested that the newer models will lock on to more Satellites vs my 2006 unit. Again, operating on a Furuno VX2. Thanks in advance!
Two final questions for you Johnny:

1) When I turned on unit this weekend (I have navionics on main and cmap on right machine (Ghost one), I could only scroll in on map (seemed like 30 miles) while the other one allowed me to scroll in very very close. Am I doing something wrong? Conversion was made at Furuno shop in Berlin.

2) Would you have wiring directions for hooking up everything (i.e. BBWX1 to antenna and to machine. Assume the BBWX1 has to be wired to bat?
Navionics doesn't support Sirius Weather.
C-map unit(s) when using the weather hot page is limited to range down to 32NM. This is because the sea surface data being provided would be too grainy to be of much use at lower range scales.

Here is a direct link to the installation & Maintenance guide. ... 202007.pdf

Here is a direct link to the operator's guide for Vx2 ... Manual.pdf

Both are listed under Manuals & Documents of the product (BBWX1) at our web site. (
Thank you. Great customer support as always. Much appreciated.
Johnny - We installed the BBWX1 unit this weekend. All went well and due to the loaction of the other SIRIUS aentenna, we decided to install another one that connects directly to the BBWX1. It looks like our hub has no empty spots left so we were thinking of hooking directly to the 2nd VX2 unit. This is the one that has the CMAP on it and was updated by Furuno Denton office. Q#1 - Is this possible? Q#2 - If so, I assume we need a blue 6 pin cable and adaptor? We were told it would be easier to just add a larger HUB with more ports. We have 2 VX2 10 inch units (2006) and sounder, radar, weathermap, gps. The hub we are using is netgear one. Thoughts? WHEW - looks like we are almost done! Thanks, David
If you used the single network connection on your display to connect to weather; it would see nothing else. Do you not want to see your radar and other info at that second station? It seems getting a bigger hub would be the best option allows both displays to see weather and both to share radar/gps/sounder etc...
OK that's what I heard from someone else. Can you recommend a larger hub or are these fairly generic. Not a IT guy so no expertise there. Thanks!!!!!