Adding TZT14 to exisiting Navnet system.



I want to add the TZT14 to an exisiting Navnet system.

Exisiting system has:

Lower Helm
1) RDP-139 with Radar connected to it.
2) A second RDP-139.
3) Network Sounder ETR-6/10N
4) Simrad J300X juction box
5) Simrad auto-pilot.

Upper Helm
1) GD1900C
2) Simrad auto-pilot.

Would like to add the TZT14 to the upper helm as well as a DRS6A (with PS).

Will the TZT be able to communicate with the exisiting system or does everything need to be upgraded at once? Would like to keep exisiting and upgrade everything over time.

Can anyone point me to documentation I could read up on to address my questions?
You can not mix the NavNet one (like your RDP139) or the Vx2 series with the newer digital NavNet units like the NN3D or TZtouch. You could keep the NN1 as a standalone radar and then share basic NMEA 0183 via cabling but you can NOT network them. The ETR6/10N (BBFF1) analog network sounder will work with NN1, Vx2 and NN3D but not with the TZtouch system. The TZtouch requires a full digital sounder like the DFF1.

You could add a TZtouch radar system and then using proper interfacing share NMEA data and drive your pilot with it. You could keep the NN1 to run your sounder and use as a backup plotter and second driver for your pilot. It might take a bit of thought but you can not network the older NavNet systems with the newer types.