Adding to a VX2 1824C/NT



I have an 1824C/NT VX2 and want to add a station to the tuna tower. Since this model is discontinued, I was told to find a used model like a 1720C or RDP148 that would tie in via the network. Is this the best solution or what are my options? Is a RDP139 compatible? I saw one on here for sale.
The 1824C/NT is still current product and being sold. You can buy just a display unit of this type (RDP149) for a new 10.4" location on the boat (P/n# GD1920C/NT). We have discontinued the 7" NavNet displays (RDP148) but they can normally be found on the used market. You can easily network in a new 10.4" or a used 7" into your existing 1824C/NT network. If you wanted to network in the older NavNet 1 series unit(s) like the RDP139, it can be done. The NavNet Series 1 and Vx2 can be on the same network together. They will share the Radar, sounder and NMEA type information when available. They will NOT share charts with each other over the network like two Vx2 units. Sometimes a used NN1 will fill the bill for a second station, depending on what you wish to accomplish. You should work with your dealer because it is advised to have the newest software in both series of units and ensure proper setup.
How do you get the navnet 1 and the vx2 to work thru a hub. The navnet 1 has the gps and the vx2 has the radar. I had two navnet 1's working to get there but I must have a setting to the network incorrect
When mixing NN1 and Vx2; you have to ensure each unit has a different IP address (power cycle after changing).
Each unit should have one of the following IP addresses, but not the same as any other display on the network.
NavNet one units "HOST NAME" will need to be renamed to match the last digit of the IP address (so that it is on the same naming structure with the Vx2).
For example if the NN1 is currently Named "RADAR" with and IP address of; You would need to change the host name to "NAVNET1", then reboot.

Once they all have the Vx2 naming structure and different IP address; it should talk.

In your case...the NN1, the radar source will be changed also to "NavNet?" Replacing the ? with the last digit of the IP address of your Vx2 radar unit.

If you get stuck; give our tech support a call. They can normally talk you thru it.