adding another nn3d to existing system


i have a nn3d mfd12 with radar,dff1,hub,gps ant, and weather. i want to add a mfd8 to the system and was wondering if i only have to connect the network cable from the mfd8 to the hub or do i also need to connect the power cable as well. my mfd12 is set to master already and is updated with the lastest software. once connected i know the new mfd8 has the jeppson maps but my mfd12 does not. will i be able to use those maps since the mfd8 want be the master unit

thanks jim
The new MFD would require that you use the provided power cable for the unit to operate. To network the unit with the rest of the system you would attach the provided network cable and connect it to your Hub101 (or BBWX2) with the power sync switch turned on in the hub for the port which you use.

If you do purchase any charts (like C-map) for the system; it should be done for the MASTER unit (your MFD12) not the newer (MFD8) slave. Charts are licensed by system id that is assigned by the Master. This way the unlock code works for all connected units. If you purchased a used MFD8 that has charts licensed and you wish to use that as your master; you can. You would need to turn off the master setting in the MFD12 first, and then setup the MFD8 as master. This way the MFD8 system ID is used for charts.

If you need help with this, it would be best to call into our tech support while you are on the boat.