585 Different than 587?



Hey Guys,
I already have the 585 on my boat, I got it when they first came out. Does the 587 have more and better features than the 585? It looks like it from the website. If so can I send in my 585 for the upgrade, & will that match the 587 features?

If not and I decide to buy the new 587 can I use the existing wiring etc from the 585 since I already have that installed, then I could just take the new wires and provide them with my old unit when I sell them?

Thanks in advance for your answers?
Thanks for the questions. The 585 can't be updated with the newer 587 features/ functions. The 587 will use the same connections as the 585. One of the new features that the 587 will have is a Graphic or Probability Bottom Discrimination mode if you have a compatable transducer.

We should have a listing of suggested transducers once we start selling the unit. Normally you will find them listed under the "accessories" of the product on our web site. In most cases, they will be the same ones suggested under the FCV585.
Sales on these new type units should begin soon. Please note that IN-Hull (the one that transmits thru the fiberglass) will not work for the bottom discrimination feature.
For normal sounding = YES (as long as it is the di-plexed type with the 10 pin connector)
For bottom discrimination = NO

The M260 is an In-Hull transducer and my previous statement applies.
1. So the FCV 587 which (In-Hull) transducers 1kw is compatible. For better bottom discrimination.(write me the type please)
2. I want better bottom discrimination transducers for FCV 585 (now i have M 260 10 pin ) what to you recommend?I fishing 300 meter.

I lost you some place.

The FCV587 has a new feature that provides bottom discrimination. (Tells you what it thinks the bottom is made of... Rock, Mud... etc...) This newer unit can NOT use this feature with an in-hull transducer. (YES, the M260 is an in-hull and no it will NOT work with this new feature on the FCV587) Will the proper M260 work on the FCV585 and FCV587? YES, BUT>> as I just stated; the M260 is an In-Hull transducer and will NOT work with the FCV587's new bottom discrimination feature.

When it comes to normal soundings the M260 type will work fine for the FCV585 if properly mounted to the right boat. Overall, an in-hull transducer will never work as well as a thru-hull transducer that is properly mounted. For the FCV585, the best thru-hull normally is thought to be the B260. (Keep in mind that a B260 might not be right for your hull; talk with your dealer)

Please understand that there are many versions of the M260 and the B260, so ensure you get the correct one (with the internal diplexer and 10-pin connection) designed to connect to this type of sounder.

If you have the FCV585 with a working M260; it will do you no good to upgrade to the FCV587 unless you plan to run a different transducer to take advantage of the new feature(s).
As Johnny mentioned you will not be able to use any in-hull transducer for Bottom Discrimination. Going forward we will recommend using the 1Kw CA50/200-1T or 12M with the MB-1100 for the FCV-587.

Go to our website, http://www.furunousa.com , and in the upper right you will see "Quick Search". Type the part number in the box and hit the arrow. you will find information on the 2 transducers and the matching box that Snips mentioned.
There are three type of 260 transducers. In-hull, Thru-hull and Transom mount. The B-260 is Thru-hull and the TM-260 is Transom mounted. 260 is the Airmar model number.

Hello everyone,

I wonder when the FCV-587 will be available in the US market...

Thanks in advance!