585, 50k



I have a 585 furuno, with a TM 260

On the 50k side, manual. Depths down below 300ft or more. My screen has a lot of interference. Like the whole screen, when the the gain is low like 2-4g. Fishing/Cruising Mode is fine. Just the Manual is out of whack.
On the 200k side is fine, doesn't have to much interference.

If i go shallower, it is fine on the 50k-200kside.

I also run a back up Raymarine gps/ff combo. So i was thinking, maybe it is interfering with the little p58, if it was. Than my whole 585 200k/50k would be all interfering as well.

The setup is new, bought it this year March 2012.

Any help would be appreciated

It's hard to say what is happening without seeing a screen shot of your sounder. But here are a couple of things you can try. First is to turn off your other sounder to see if that helps. Second is to do a master reset of the 585, this will restore the sounder to it default settings. If you still have problems please post a screen shot for us.

thanks snips

next time when i go on a next fishing trip, i'll post a picture.
In the mean time, how do i do a master reset?
With the machine "On" and working... Hit MENU...Down arrow under SYSTEM...until you get to RESET...Right arrow to highlight FACTORY RESET.... press ENTER... highlight YES and press ENTER.