Wireless network using router as Access point (AP)


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I currently have a NAVNET3d system with a network switch installed connecting my laptop with an ethernet cable. I was thinking of replacing the switch with a wireless router configured as a wireless access point AP with 4 ethernet ports. This will allow me to connect to the NavNet3d system and allow the Laptop to connect wirelessly to the AP. Has anyone ever done this? I can now move the laptop any where on the boat and run the Timezero software.

I have tested this and it works perfect. I am using a 80usd Zyxel router with 12V input.
I also have my set-up working this way. You need to be aware that RADAR won't transmit wirelessly. I have two helm stations, with an MFD12 at the lower helm and a dumb monitor connected via a DVI-D cable at the upper helm. If I want to navigate from the upper helm, I can select the RADAR display on the lower helm...which then repeats to the upper helm...and then bring up TimeZero on my laptop wirelessly at the upper helm, effectively creating a two-screen helm up top.
I think the radar works on wireless as well as wire, I have only tested this once but got radar overlay over wifi.
Indeed, the radar wouldn't know about it, but you need to set the wifi as access-point or bridge, not as router. For Apple Airport you select routing: None (Bridging only). For cheap routers you connect everything to the LAN ports and nothing to the WAN port.
My router had problems not broadcasting UDP packets from LAN to WLAN, but I flashed the firmware a year ago and it fixed that bug. So upgrading your router might be the first move if you have a problem. I used TZ with radaroverlay today on my wireless so it works for sure.