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I am unable to connect my new TZtouch 14 to my iPad hot spot to check weather forecasts. I CAN successfully connect the TZ to my onboard router, that at present is pulling off a land wi-fi, and can successfully download weather info.

However, when I attempt to connect to the Verizon iPad, a WP2PSK connection, the TZ unit promptly re-boots itself.

I am running ver 3.2 on the TZ, and the latest IOS on the iPad.

Any ideas?
No Problems here with a "normal" IPad on V 3.01.

Perhaps you should try to connect without secured Connection.....

And you have V 3.2?! Is this a brand new Version?
As far as I know, there is no way to turn an iPad with Verizon cellular capabilities into an unsecured hot spot.

I am told that v. 3.02 was a minor upgrade in new products sold in the US, and provided such insignificant changes that Furuno was not making that an update.
What happens if you use the wifi Connection of the tztouch itself (own ssid/network) and then connect ipad to the tztouch and not vice vesa??

Or did you try it with a "normal" mobile phone.

I think, it might help to find out if it is a Special iPad (branded)/tztouch Problem or a general Problem with secured Connections, what I doubt
I have my TZ connected to my router with a Ethernet cable. I turned off the wifi on the TZ. I connect my iPad by wifi to the router, sometimes it works better to have the data plan turned off on the iPad. I have no problem pulling up the weather display on TZ on my iPad app. . I recently upgraded my router to a 5G router, the connection to the TZ is significantly faster.
Finally found the answer to my problem!

Make sure the name of your iPad does not contain any spaces or symbols. I re-named my iPad with just letters, and no spaces, and reset my network settings; as someone in a 2012 apple community forum suggested. Now the TZ Touch connects to it.

Note to Furuno techies: Apple defaults to naming the iPad with the owner's name, with an apostrophe, and a space, and then iPad. Perhaps your new software should recognize the spaces and symbols. Still don't understand why it would cause the unit to re-boot.
Why should Furuno adapt the bad practices of Apple. Spaces and special characters are not legal in SSID's (Wireless system names)

Apple is doing it wrong.

That said, Furuno needs to do a better job catching exception codes and bring up an error message instead causing the base windows software to crash and reboot.

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