WiFi PGN Output from TZT2?


Furuno Fan
I want to have NMEA 2k PGN's output from my TZT2 system [2] and broadcast wirelessly on a local network. I have computers, etc. on my local network connected to the internet via a 5G modem/wireless router. The computers have navigation applications requiring the PGNs.

The OP Manual in 1.19.2 [Create Local Wireless Network] seems to indicate that the receiver of the output on the TZT2-created network is limited to IOS/Android devices only running the NavNet Viewer, Controller & Remote apps. However the directions seem to indicate that creating the local wireless network is done WHILE THE CONNECTION TO THE EXISTING LAN [1.19.1] IS STILL ACTIVE.
Does this mean that in this case the TXT2 is wirelessly transmitting PGN's over the existing LAN [internet-connected]to which it is already connected?

If not, how can I get the PGN's broadcast over my Wifi LAN?

The built in wireless is designed to either HOST a connection of a iOS/Android device to run designed APPs like the REMOTE App, CONTROL App, VIEWER App, and the CATCH App... OR ... It can connect out to a wireless source for internet access to talk to the TZ Cloud to back up data or obtain NavCenter weather. That is all. It isn't designed to be a NMEA 2000 wifi bridge device for a PC. It seems the need you are looking for is something that Actisense offers called a NMEA 2000 to/from Wifi. The model number is W2K-1. You might talk to them to see if that product might meet your needs.
The Vesper XB800 and Cortex AIS transponders both create a wifi network and broadcast N2K PGNs. I have a Cortex now, previously had the XB8000 on the last boat and use iNavX on my iPad for route planning and a backup MFD.

Vesper is now owned by Garmin.