Weather Alarms


Furuno Fan
I keep my NN3D always on. Often times (after being away from the boat for several days), I will find a weather alarm alert shown in a red bar across the top of the screen saying something like push menu.

When I go to the alarm log, the weather alarm is not very specific. Is there a way to tell exactly what triggered it? I have Sirius Weather, and it appears to be registering alerts from over 1,000 miles away. More importantly, I can't figure out how to cancel the alarm -- the red banner stays at the top of the display for hours/days. Any suggestions?
The problem is Sirius provides the data in a repeating downlink. Even when you clear or acknowledge the alarm, the unit will “alarm” again when Sirius send the next update of the marine warnings. Since Sirius is sending it down to everyone in the satellite foot print, everyone gets it regardless of location. The warning doesn’t have a lat/lon as part of the alarm trigger so it alarms for everyone. So you can either turn the Alarm “On” or “OFF” but you can’t filter it by location. To view the Alert, hit MENU – WEATHER – ALERT TAB. If you want to turn off the ALARM for weather alerts, go under MENU – ALARMS – and deselect the WEATHER WATCH BOX.
I understand the part about not being able to filter, and how to turn the alarm off entirely (probably what I will do), but I have never been able to get any information about the alert other than that there was an alert. Maybe I wasn't going to the "Alert" tab. I will give that a try. Thanks for your help!