VX2 update and upgrade to 3d



I currently own (2) 10.4" Navnet vx2s that need updates. Current software version 195002401.05. I just found this forum and realize that I am way out of date on these units! I have read about the steps to update and I filled out a request on the Furuno website for assistance. I am far from an expert on marine electronics but the information provided on this forum makes it seem easy enough.

I have been considering upgrading to the Navnet 3d. If I wanted to purchase the 12" Navnet 3d units would I be able to keep my current radar array, transducer, etc. or would I have to buy all new components to go with the Navnet 3d? It would be great if I could replace the vx2s with the navnet 3d utilizing my existing radar and transducer.
Yes, you are right about being way out of date. You have version 1.05 and we are currently at 4.03.

If upgrading to the MFD12, you would be able to keep your sounder/transducer, GPS, etc. The only things that will not transfer are the chart card and the radar and it's cable. The charting system is completely different in the NN3D, but you most likely won't need to purchase any charts because the NOAA raster and vector charts for the whole coastline and major rivers are provided free of charge. With the radar...the NN2 used an analog radar system where the NN3D uses a digital radar system. The cabling for and the processing of the radar data is completely different.