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Hi - I have a Furuno VX2 Open Array radar (2006). This weekend while fishing overnight, the radar unit would go into standby mode but the radome would continue to spin. I have 2 10 inch VX2 and it did it for both. I would then hit power and radar and it would continue to display but then a minute or two later it would happen again. Kept doing it all night. In the day running in from offshore, it seemed to work fine. However, a day later while on shorepower and sitting at dock, it did it again. Any suggestions? Boat batteries are 1.5 years old and there are 4, 33-35 foot Grady boat.
I have never heard of a radar scanner still rotating when the display goes to standby. Normally a display will go into standby by itself if you are using the WATCHMAN feature or you have a low voltage/current issue. About the only way for the scanner still to be turning when the display is on standby would be if the internal relay in the display is sticking; keeping the transmit trigger turned on. It sounds like your display unit needs service at a minimum.
Sir, I have 2 VX2 units (see photo attachment) and it seems to be happening on both units. I doubt the button would be sticking on both. If battery issue, wouldn't that stop the rotation? If not a problem in the actual units, could there be a network or lose wire causing this?
Boat is located in Ocean City, MD. Would it be possible to have it checked out by the folks in Denton, MD or would you advise calling a local service dealer to come out on scene?

How exactly would the WATCH feature cause this? I'm still trying to learn the system.



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I see from the photo you have Watchman turned "On".
That explains why the radar goes to standby. I would start by turning that off.

The Denton office has no repair facility. If you can't work with a local dealer, the units can be sent to our service center (WA). It sounds like some of the problem is operational.
Try running the radar without Watchman and see how it works.