VX2 BB display night hue


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I just swopped a Navnet 1 BB for a VX2 BB. All C-Map. Still using same monitor. On Navnet 1, I can change hue to twilight and night, but VX2 shows no difference in hue or brightness for the plotter, altho the radar display does change a little. So I tried it with another (new) VX2 BB and same problem. Changed back to NAvnet 1 and works fine.
I don't believe have 2 defective BB units. What am I missing?

Oh, should add that a RDP 149 on same network adjusts colors twilight and night perfectly.

ANy help wud be much appreciated .

(And where can I download FAISPC-MX to work with Windows 7?)
You can customize the colors for the radar/plotter if you setup the HUE for manual. The Vx2 does not provide for as many color options as the NavNet one; with the C-map units being the most limiting in color options. Dimming of the screen for night operations is entirely at the control of the monitor being connected by the black box processor. Unlike the 10.4" and 7" units where the LCD and backlighting is controlled by the unit; the BB only outputs standard VGA level video. You control the backlighting and intensity at the monitor, that you have connected. It is best to use a monitor where you have easy front mounted controls, or a remote so you can dim/brighten as required. The Vx2 BB has no control over the intensity or backlighting of your connected/chosen monitor.