VX2 10.4" - port 3 baud rate for heading sensor input?



I would like to connect the heading sensor output of my autopilot into my 10" VX2 to enable chart overlay for the radar.

The autopilot is Raymarine SPX-10 which puts out 10Hz refresh heading data on SeatalkNG (not on NMEA, it's 5Hz only). I'm plan to convert the STNG output to NMEA 0183 with an Actisense converter.

What baud rate is the port 3 input on the 10" VX2? 4800 or 38,400 for heading data?
It doesn't seem to be documented anywhere.

Also, I take it white is (+) and black is (-) - this also does not seem to be documented?
The heading input port for the 10.4" (data 3) is fixed at 4800 when using NMEA (versus 4 wire AD10).

If your pilot has 5hz NMEA 0183 as you say, then it could be used for your Vx2 for overlay just fine; without the need to convert your NMEA 2000 data to 0183.
Thanks for that. I'm going to use the SeaTalk converter as I'm upgrading the ST6002 AP controller to a later P70 that only has SeaTalk NG interface (I'll lose the ST6002 controller NMEA interface).