Viewing sounder info in Max Sea explorer

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Hi everyone i have a question about viewing sounder input in Maxsea explorer classic.
I am just starting to set this up and can change bits and pieces of it as i go along at the moment i am just trying to figure out if i am on the right path.
Software Max Sea Explorer with PBG module (awaiting delivery) No nav net module.
Sounder DFF1 (awaiting decision if i think this will work)
Computer (Got it already)
toshiba Satellite Laptop
2ghz dual core I7
8 GB ram
nvidia geforce gt 540m
720 gb HD
Windows seven 64 bit
Display yet to get one
Question is will i be able to run the sounder window on this set up is it possible to get real time sounder data displayed in the real time PBG.
I will only want to network the sounder in, with a ethernet cable.
If i have to change the computer to another machine can do already have XP
Hello kbad,

With MaxSea Classic, you must have a NavNet display or black box processor networked in with the MaxSea PC and the DFF1 to be able to view and control the sounder from your PC. Also, you will need the NavNet module for MaxSea for this to work.

The NavNet version of MaxSea Classic won't work with Win 7, so it would be better if you installed it on the XP machine you referenced.

If you don't need the actual soudner image on the MaxSea computer and really just want to utilize the MaxSea PBG feature, you could use any of our stand-alone sounders and simply connect a NMEA cable from the sounder to a serial port or serial to USB adaptor and connect it to your PC.

This would allow you to use your Win 7 PC, though I would still prefer to use an XP machine if I had the option.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Hurricane thank you for the response, with the maxsea nav net module with explorer does this act as a default nav net display or do i need to get a furuno navnet display or black box? Already have a 582L as a stand alone sounder so that option has already been considered, even with the navnet display and navnet module and the network sounder does the max PBG feature show real time sounder imaging over the 3 d enviorment to the extent fish schools and individuals will show up.
As Hurricane previously stated, to use the DFF1 with MaxSea Classic, you will need the NAVNET version. With the NavNet version and PBG module, you will be able to bring up a normal “Live” sounder window like you see on a normal sounder. The PBG data will also let you see the 2D/3D depth data being built if you wish. This option (let’s call it OPTION 1) would have some limiting factors. 1. You MUST run Windows XP pro if you use the NavNet version. Newer machines don’t come with XP Pro so you would have to find an older suitable machine or find a newer machine with suitable XP drivers to “downgrade”. 2. The Sounder controls for running the DFF1 are limited within MaxSea. (Keep in mind the sounder normally has a “real” MFD to control its advanced features.) . It is not possible to adjust some of the advanced parameters from MaxSea (such as TVG, Clutter, White Marker, etc…). You would have basic controls, such as the Mode, Range, Gain, Shift, Zoom Mode. For you; I am not sure this is your best option.

Non-NavNet MaxSea Classic (12.6.4) with PBG will work with XP, Vista, and Windows 7 (both 32 and 64 bit). You would not be able to see a sounder window on the PC but you can still see the PBG being updated. You would need to wire depth data to the PC. This can be from any suitable NMEA 0183 depth source. This can be done easily enough with your existing FCV582L using a NMEA cable and suitable level converter to the PC. I would suggest using the NMEA cable to Furuno 422-USB-CBL into the PC USB port. We will call this OPTION 2.
I personally, would select option 2. If you want a better sounder like the DFF1, I would suggest the FCV585. Using option 2 would allow you to see the bottom soundings on the sounder screen and have the data sent via NMEA to the PC for collection of PBG data. Option 2 allows the PC to be newer, faster and if using your existing sounder, less items to purchase. Option 2 allows you to have more control over the sounder (directly) than the limited controls offered by MaxSea NavNet sounder operations. The windows 7 PC you listed sounds perfect for this.

It is great that you are taking the time to research your options and I appreciate your support of our new Forum.
Thank you for the reply Johnny, i think from what you guys say i will go for the option2 as you state above have looked at the shipmodul miniplex lite as the multiplexer connection between the 582l and the computer, i will look around for the cable you have mentioned i have a separate gps aerial for the mapping side as well as the option to plug it a ray chart plotter. I will follow up with the option to upgrade to time zero explorer with the PBG even though this will mean i will have to change the maps as well if i upgrade. At the moment i think the TZ explorer with PBG is a bit "new" and needs a few bugs sorting out. thanks for providing the knowledge and comments it is invaluable. ;)
Cheers Karl
hi, i'm willing to do the same thing with a furuno ls 4100. No window in maxsea v10, just the collection for the pbg data. Do i also have to get the "NMEA cable to Furuno 422-USB-CBL" as Johnny said or can I get a simple serial to USB cable and wire it myself ?

In the second case, does anybody have a plan of the color of the wires to be connected ?

Thanks for the informations you already provided

PM me your dongle licence number and I will look to see if your licence supports processing of PBG or just display of PBG data.
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