Connecting the 295 with Max Sea Explorer



Does anyone know how to conect the 295 with max sea software via pc? I am really lost between all that wires :think
The FCV295 is a standalone sounder. When making a connection to MaxSea (either Classic or TZ) it would have to be done via NMEA 0183. This will only pass available depth, temp, and water speed data to the MaxSea software. You will never be able to view the sounder bottom in the PC software using the FCV292. To wire your NMEA 0183 output from the FCV292 to your PC; I would recommend using a cable like the Furuno P/N# 422-USB-CBL. ... gory=Parts
This would take the RS422 level NMEA from the sounder and convert it to proper serial level NMEA for your PC via a USB port connection.
Thanks, actually the main intention is to use the 295 to feed the PGB in the Max Sea, is that possible?