Maxsea Navnet and FCV 1150

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Scotty B

Hello I am just looking for some information on whether I can network my FCV 1150 with my PC running Maxsea Explorer with PBG and Navnet modules.
I have tried to connect them through ethernet but I seem to be missing something so I would like to know if they can be networked to show the sounder screen on the PC.
The 1150 is feeding depth and GPS data to my PC through NMEA to give me PBG data already but I was hoping to get the Sounder screen on the PC as well.
The PC is a Core 2 Duo 1.6ghz running windows XP Home.
I have tried to follow the instructions in the Maxsea installation manual but I am still not having much luck.
Can any one please give me some information about this setup.
The FCV1150 cannot network with MaxSea Classic ( software. Currently only NavNet 3D system can use the network connection of the FCV1150. I believe that the newest release of the MaxSea TZ software (released last week) may work with the FV1150 but I haven't tested it yet. MaxSea Classic was designed well before the release of the FCV1150 and would require software changes to make it work. I doubt there will be any change to allow this to happen because MaxSea is slowly moving away from Classic to TZ. You will have to continue to use NMEA 0183 data for your PBG function.
Thanks very much for clearing that up Johnny, it will save me a lot of time trying to configure something that cant be done.
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