Updating Vector and Raster Charts



Dear Furunos, I'd like to update the Vector and Raster charts over what comes preinstalled for the West Coast and Baja. I have spent a considerable amount of time on the Furuno webpage and it looks to me like a dealer has to download the C-Map. Can someone walk me thru the process? I've converted from Raymarine equipment where all you had to do was buy the chart and insert it into the plotter. Seems like Furuno is a bit more complicated. Thanks for the help.

The charts you are looking for are probably already loaded into your MFD, but are looked. Furuno provides free raster and vector of the USA using the NOAA catalog.
Charts produced by 3rd party companies require the purchase of an “unlock code” to view. For your concern you should purchase the Jeppesen/C-Map version MM3-VNA-024. You should see it in your chart catalog as SDVJNAM024MAP03.

Contact the dealer you purchased the system from or any authorized Furuno dealer. Give them the chart number and your system ID, found on your My NavNet menu page, and they will order you an unlock code.