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I have a 10" master display Serial No. 4323-1240 with Program No. 195002403.01.05 and a 7 " remote display Serial No. 4327-5991 with Program No. 195002803.02.05. They are networked. I am changing my map cartridge from C-Map NT+ to C-Map NT MAX and want to update my software at this time.

In updating the software for both units, do I use Version 4.03,07* or Version 4.03,07? Are there different versions because they are different displays?

You will need to upgrade each machine separately with different software. (10" for the 10", and 7" for the 7")

Units with the asterisk only applies to the newer 10" units with LED backlighting.
Your 10.4" unit is CCFL.
i would like to piggy back on this question....I have the same exact set up and my question is this... can we jump right from the 1.06 version to the most recent version without uploading any previous versions? also you say about different software for the 7 but the software update information says its the same for the 7&10... can you advise please...

thank you
We haven't had a combined 7/10" Vx2 software update in quite some time. Can you please provide a web link where you are finding this combined (current) software?

With the normal software updates, you can't go directly from 1.06 to current. It takes 1.08 or newer to update in one step, using the software we have posted on our site. It is possible to go from 1.06 (but not older) if you get special software directly from us. The problem with that software is that some safeguards are removed and you really need to work closely with our tech support. That is why it isn't posted. If you are a Furuno USA customer who has 1.06 (that requires update) you will need to open an official support case. Even if you step upgrade, the older software (like 1.08) is not posted and must be obtained directly via an official support request with your Furuno Distributor.
ok so now I am even MORE confused... I asked the question online and here is the answer I got (basically I CAN go from 1.06 to current without a step)

(my original question)
I have a VX2 Cmap max (2005 unit)..current program # is 195002401.06.. my question is am I able to upgrade from this version straight to Version 04.03,07 C-Map without the previous upgrades? also how can I get a preloaded SD card from FURUNO, (# SD1-VX2-SOF)?also what does FPGA No. mean (previous software version)

Response Chris Sweet via Email 05/16/2014 05:15 AM

Thank you for contacting Furuno USA, Inc.

No, not with the normal software. I've provided a link below that will allow you to go directly to 4.03. As with any upgrade, it's highly recommended that you backup your waypoints, routes, tracks and settings if they are important to you. This protects them in case something goes wrong with the update. If you want Furuno USA to provide you the software, then you need to order it from an authorized Furuno USA dealer. The FPGA is the boot loader program version. It's not important for your update.

If you want to try the upgrading procedure yourself, here's the link: //////////
You will need a 2GB or smaller SD card to perform the update and backup.

1. Download using the link provided
2. Unzip the download folder
3. Copy the 3 files inside to the SD card
4. Put SD card into chart card slot of NN2 display
5. Turn on the NN2 display
6. If it's working, you'll see a picture of the helm...then another about 40 seconds later...when the display beeps non-stop after the second picture of the helm, the update is complete (total time about 1.5 minutes)
7. Remove the chart card and the unit will immediately shut off
8. Turn it back on and check your version on the self-test page

I hope this information is helpful.

Thanks again for contacting Furuno USA, Inc. We hope we have been able to answer your question. Please feel free to contact us with further questions in the future.
Chris sent you the special 10.4", one step software that I spoke about. (Via an official support case)

To quote what I said.
It IS possible to go from 1.06 (but not older) if you get special software directly from us

What exactly is the confusion?
I have the same software and need access to the link referred to. I will proceed with the installation once provided with the software . Current program 19500 2401.06.03

Thank you for your help

the confusion is I didn't read the whole post properly ;)

thanks..will be updating tomorrow
update went smooth and easy and all in less than 2 minutes... my machine is running perfectly now..awesome..thanks so much for the assistance...

folks UPDATE your software the machine runs night and day...