TZT14 Full Screen Sounder



Is it possible to set up the TZT14 full screen sounder (Dff1-UHD) with a "ribbon" across the top of the screen showing speed, bearing, COG, distance etc.?
Is it possible to set up data boxes anywhere on the sounder screen or will I need to go to a split screen?
The data box section of the manual (Para. 1.11) applies to not only the plotter screen, but also the radar and the sonar screen. TZTouch data boxes are not moveable.
How do you show a full screen?? Just installed my unit, and with all the p/w and manuals there doesn't seem to be section which details screen selections / options (like on my vx2's, which are super easy to find) - sorry if it is obvious - maybe my head is just still spinning from try to figure out the wiring of the IF-NMEA2k converter! (and the extra black wire which is not shown in manual!?)
Just watched Furuno video - when I press home key it only give me 4 page options - no full screen sounder like one in tutorial video?
The manual calls them HOT PAGES.
With the TZTouch, hit the home button and if the default selections doesn't have what you want (like a full screen sounder screen) then hit EDIT at the top right and create the selection you want.

Sorry to hijack this post.
But, is it possible to resize each split screen from the default 50:50 sizing in split screen on TZ14?
No the split screen sizes are not adjustable.
This is mostly because of the screen resolution when doing video cameras.