TZT14 Ethernet Connection to Internet


Furuno Fan
I would like to connect my TZT14's to the internet via a hardwired ethernet connection to my on-board router as opposed to using a wireless connection. Is this possible? Some other posts implied that the TZT14's can connect only via wireless but they may be outdated. My router is a Proxycast LAN-Cell3.
If I understand it correctly, those instructions are for setting up a router so the TZT14's can access the iPad remoting app at greater WiFi range. My requirements are a little different. My router gets access to the internet via a cell phone connection and makes it available to devices connected to it via Ethernet cables or by its WiFi. Although a WiFi connection to the TZT14's will probably work, I would rather have a hard-wired connection for reliability. I'm trying to decide if we should make an Ethernet connection from the Furuno Hub to the router (Proxycast Lan Cell 3).
Hi Johnny,

Sorry to but in but also very interested in knowing if this works. Read document but does not say anything about entering gateway for internet access on the TZT. One more question, can we have both a router and a switch in the same network? Saves on having to have more wires going from the salon up to the flybridge by having the router in one and switch in the other. I need to connect a couple of PC's and a DFF3 i the salon with a TZT in the flybridge.