TZT heading up grayed out


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Hello I have a tzt 14 and tzt 9 connected to a nema 2000 drop cables and tees with power t also with two terminators one on each side of backbone and the gp330b antenna I get dop of 1.2 and sky view of 50 percent. My problem is my tzt 14 and 9 will only allow me to select north up for orintation heading up is grayed out! must the boat be moving for this feature to be selected?

my gps location looks correct on the chart. This is a brand new install :sorry
Sitting still, you MUST have heading data into your system, to conduct heads up.

If you don't have a source of heading, you can select heads up once you establish valid course over ground (COG) from your GPS. (must be moving 3kts or better)

Heading is also a requirement to conduct ARPA or radar overlay.