TZT echo of N2k PGN on Navnet


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I can see that the TZT:s are echoing a lot of the N2k PGN:s on Navnet. (Connection Wizard on TZT-Proi)
Q1: Is it correct that the term "Navnet" is exactly the Ethernet cable connection making TZT-TZT-PC-Radar talk fast.
Q2: What is the point of this? If a unit had Navnet but not N2k it would make sense. But why echo something everyone alread has received.
Can I just disable it?
The term "NavNet" refers to the entire family of NavNet MFDs (see:, not specifically ethernet. Today's NavNets such as the TZtouch2/3 can easily toggle PGNs from the settings menu as necessitated. The NavNets have both an ethernet and NMEA2000 interface to facilitate sending sensor data to it's network connected peripherals (e.g., radar and sounders).

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Thanks. Straightened out a lot of question marks.

A related question - Is TWS/TWA computed verywhere - or can I make someone send them?

AWA/AWS is N2k-sent from the FI501.
But I can not find any instrument/MFD/Etc that can N2k-send TWS/TWA.

It is all a bit tricky since they all share the same telegram PGN #130.306. With just a reference bit changed.
But as far as I can see it is only AWA/AWS that is sent.

So every instrument have to calculate TWA/TWS by themself - slightly different....

The basics are a wind source and speed source. I'd start with making sure STW/SOG is uniform across all the instrument displays.

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