Tx Power - Gain relation



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Furuno 585/TM260. I understand that the Tx rate is controlling how fast a intrval the machine is sending the signal to the bottom or "The pulse repetition rate". This makes sense to me. I can't understand the Tx Power though. How is turning the Tx power down different from decreasing the gain?? Do the two have any relation to each other?

I am deepdropping in 600' to 800'. I need to see fish that hang in pretty tight to the bottom. Will having my Tx Power turned down too low cause me to not see the fish. Kinda like having the clutter or color erase to high would??

Can someone explain the difference in Gain and Tx Power??

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Power and gain are two seperate issues. On the FCV-585 the basic way to control the output power is by changing the range. It has been my experience that most users don't use enough gain and miss fish targets. Most will turn to gain up until they see noise (speckle) then back the gain down until the noise goes away. For me, I would rather see too much than too little so I will turn the gain up to see the speckle and then watch for the fish targets to appear. Once you see fish targets then I will use the clutter control/color threshold to clean up the unwanted speckle (noise) from the display.

Thanks Snips. That's what I thought. I alway's run the gain a little high.

What happens to my targets if I lower the Tx power?? I am really just courious as I don't understand the purpose of this function.
I don't understand your question "lower the power". How are you lowering the power on a FCV-585?


Above is a page from the manual. The Tx power is what I am wondering about. What effect does it have on targets when increasing/decreasing? I can't understand this feature.
That setting is for use if you only have a 600W transducer. Putting out 1kW into a 600W rated transducer can severely limit the life of the transducer.
The TM260 is 1kW.
Reducing power will only result in decreased depth capability.
Hey Melville. Thanks for the reply. I understand and will be leaving it set to 10.