TM Transducer



I have a fcv585 Furuno fish finder. Soon to be installed in my 27ft CC. This boat has a 24 degree deadrise. Recently I spoke to Jeff Lantz a Furuno tech who suggested that i use a TM transducer model TM258 by Airmar. Jeff felt the sharp deadrise of 24 degrees was too high for an in hull or thru hull tranducer. Because my boat is dual powered he suggested I post to Furuno and ask for assistance as to where to mount the TM transducer for best performance. Jeff said I could possibly post a picture of the stern. Please advise, thanks, John.
If you don't wish to have a fairing block then a TM transducer might be a good option. Please attach a photo of your transom area so that users might provide input about possible locations.
While you are looking at the Tm258 you might also consider theTm260.
The Tm 260 is 25 times more sensitive than the Tm258 on the 50 khz side and has the advantage of being a true Broadband transducer.

Both have Xducer Id and are a great match for almost any Furuno system.