Slave Unit NN3D



I turned the power on for the master, which turns on both master and slave units, they both start up in the loading screen, however, the slave unit will not load up. The blue status bar gets about 1/4 of the way then starts over and the unit never loads up, just keeps trying to load. Turned off the power, disconnected the unit from the battery and still have the same problem. Any Suggestions out there.
It sounds like the slave unit might have received low power or been shutdown improperly sometime in the past. Try clearing the slave unit back to factory by holding the CANCEL key as you power up the unit. Keep holding CANCEL for about 1.5 to 2 minutes until the unit comes into the start up wizard. If it doesn't work, you will need to conduct a COMBO software update on this unit.
Thanks for the reply Johnny,

I am going to rule out low power and improper shut down. I only shut them down from Master and last time I used it was last Wed. Turned it back on by master on Sunday and this is where we are today.

I already have the combo update on SD from when I initially updated the machine. I am guessing that I should update from the Master unit since I cannot get into the slave at all.

Is that correct?

No, your master is working; don't combo update it. Your slave is the problem. You should try clearining it to factory defaults first (holding the CANCEL key) and if that doesn't work, then COMBO update it (the slave).
Hi Johnny,

Thank you for your help. Your recommendations worked.

Did the factory reset on slave,, it worked so thanks for that. Back up and running.

Should I go ahead and do the combo update on the slave now to get it to version 2.07?

Thank you for your help.
No, I would recommend that you conduct an incremental update from the master (updates entire network) as long as your software is currently 2.01 or better. The incremental update will update your radar and sounder (if needed) in addition to the MFDs. It will also keep your settings. (Although you should always have a backup of your settings and any waypoints/routes you want to keep)