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First off I cannot believe I put off moving up to the NN3D for so long putting up with the slower redraw speeds of NN1, wow. Thank you.

I am trying to find an efficient way to SEARCH for a specific POINT on my Navnet MFD12. On my previous Navnet vx 1 and 2 units you hit waypoint then local list or alphanumeric and then you could enter the first letter of the point you wanted (say "J" ) and it would list just the Js and make finding a Point fast. Is there no search function in NN3D?

When I view them by group in the POINTS menu I do not understand how it is grouping them. It seems grouped somewhat alphabetically and somewhat by points created on the same day maybe?

My points were transferred from my NN1 unit and converted to NN3D format by my local Furuno dealer by sd card, so they retain their original dates.

Also when entering points underway on my 31' Express editing the LL or point name I find that while using the rotokey between bumps the menu will timeout before I finish entering the name. Is there a quick key sequence to get back to where I was editing?

Is there a remote available or a RF mouse that makes entering/searching waypoints easier?

Thanks for the help.
Hi Grock,

Answering your questions:

1. Sorting Points - Your new Navnet 3D MFD organizes and sorts points a little differently than previous models. First, if you select the Alpha Tab, it will sort alphabetically, then you can click and spin the rotokey down to the name of the waypoint. Also, as you spin and stop on any particular waypoint, you will actually "SEE" the waypoint appear on the chart in the preview page. You will find this very useful if you forget a particular name or if several waypoints in any area are close to each other. Of course, you can also click on another tab to reorganize the points by distance from you (Local) or icon or color. Click on any point in the list to edit, go to, or simply center it on the plotter display.

2. Menu/Drop Down Time Out Period - Click MENU > SYSTEM > MESSAGE WINDOW DWELL TIME and change from the default of ten seconds to about twenty seconds. This should be enough time for you to choose the selection you need. You can change it back when you become more familiar with the operation of the box.

3. RF Mouse Controller - Yes, you can use almost any non-bluetooth Microsoft Compatible Mouse and Keyboard with your NN3D MFD!!! Simply purchase one you like, wired or RF and plug it into the USB port on the rear panel of the MFD. If water integrity is an issue, purchase a short extension cable so you can plug and unplug the mouse or keyboard when you don't need it.

Let me know if you have further questions,
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